Appealing Quartz Worktops and Countertops from Suppliers in Lanarkshire

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Quartz worktops, countertops, and fixtures provide a strong and versatile surface. Trust the specialists at Granite Planet in Lanarkshire to design high-quality quartz features for your home. Possessing extraordinary strength and durability, this mineral composite provides spectacular results when professionally processed and sculpted.

A Versatile Mineral

Occurring in various different types, colours, and forms, quartz is one of the most varied materials available. Found in geological locations all over the world, it’s incredibly durable, rating as a 7 on Moh’s hardness scale, but also has a radiant quality similar to that of diamonds. Its unique properties make it incredibly adaptable, but in the hands of our skilled team, it always creates an appealing and long-lasting surface.

Easy to Maintain

Once professionally processed, quartz worktops and fixtures are very easy to maintain. Complete with a polished finish, it’s ideal for vanity tops, work surfaces, and cladding because it retains its lustrous gloss and ultra-smooth surface without further polishing. Available in 32 different colours, quartz surfaces are non-porous and chemical-resistant even without the use of sealants and waxes.

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